New Year New You Giveaway

New Year New You Giveaway

To celebrate the upcoming year of 2014 as well as the Harvest Your Health Bundle sale re-run that is set to launch on January 3 at 6:00 am EST, we are pleased to launch an epic giveaway with a total value of more than $2200. This giveaway closes on January 6 at 11:59 pm EST.

The best part? As time goes on, prizes will be added. What will the final value be when the giveaway ends? The sky is the limit!

The number to the left of the prize signifies how many we are giving away of that specific prize. The number in parenthesis signifies the value of one of that specific prize rounded to the nearest dollar. There will be as many winners as prizes. At this moment there are 73 prizes and thus 73 winners. There are no limits to how many prizes you can win so the bonus entries can really pay off!

The links take you to a page that shows you a description of the item. All links that point to Amazon are affiliate links; if you then purchase anything on Amazon, we will earn an affiliate commission. We are forever grateful for this as many of these prizes such as the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Paperwhite are being paid for by Dosenberry, LLC (our business). Some prizes, such as Nikki’s Coconut Butter and the OraWellness Start Kit, are contributed by the companies that have produced the product of which we are also forever grateful.

This giveaway closes on Monday, January 6th at 11:59 pm EST.


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How to enter the giveaway

1) Leave a blog post comment that answers the following question: What is your New Year’s Resolution and what is the first step that you will take to reach it?

2) Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm that you’ve entered the giveaway (for the mandatory entry of leaving a comment as well as all bonus entries). For bonus entries, you may complete more tasks of which are listed below. Winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter, to ensure fairness.

Tasks for bonus entries:

  • Share this blog post on Facebook
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Do you see the Rafflecopter widget below? If not, there should be a link that you can click on to then enter. The purpose of you having to login is so that we are able to email you if you are one of the winners. This means that you will want to login with the email address that you check the most frequently.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you say you have signed up for the Harvest Your Health email list but are NOT actually signed up for the email list then that entry will be disqualified. You can sign up HERE.

How all winners will be chosen

The first randomly chosen Rafflecopter winner will be able to choose from all prizes. The second randomly chosen winner will be able to choose from all the prizes that remain after the first winner chooses his or her prize. We will continue this process until all prizes have been assigned. This means that if you are the 30th winner then your selection won’t be as large as the first winner which is another reason to complete the tasks for bonus entries. :)

We will email all winners with the email address between the dates of January 13 and January 15. If you do not respond within 72 hours then we reserve the right to choose a new winner via Rafflecopter of whom will replace you.

This giveaway closes on Monday, January 6th at 11:59 pm EST.

The tiny amount of fine print: If you do not live in the United States then please be aware that while we will ship internationally, the speed is rather slow at an estimated 18 to 32 business days.

Good luck and happy holidays!


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  1. Stefanie says

    To practice self care. Taking time for myself during the day (mini meditation or mini yoga sessions) and actually going to a yoga studio on the weekends

    • cj says

      My resolution is to be happy in all instances- I am practicing now. I know it can seem difficult at timesto choose a happy response for all situations, but I am ready. . .I like smiling.

    • Lilia says

      My resolution is to practice healthy living so that I can become a happier healthier me. My first step in doing this is going to be cutting out sugary foods from my diet.

    • Cheryl walker says

      I will strive to love more, laugh more, and dance whenever I can! I am smiling now to kick off acomplishing this goal in 2014.

      • Nancy says

        My resolution is to do what makes me happy. This year I will take steps toward a job change. I can’t wait for my best job ever!

  2. Meghan says

    My New Years Resolution is to make all my own cleaners and rid our home of any remaining toxins! Step 1 – pinning recipes on Pinterest, now to get mixing!

  3. Susan T says

    I plan to continue my journey to getting fit. The biggest thing I will do towards that goal is starting to exercise.

  4. Jenna S. says

    My resolution is to be at 100% health for my mind and body by the time I get married in July. I am starting another while30 in January to get my body happy again( the holidays have been tough)

  5. says

    My New Years resolution is to make it through a 21 day sugar detox with my health clients and focus more on health than weight in the new year!

  6. Keren says

    2014 will be bikini time for me!! First step is MORE yoga!! I will be kicking off a 30 day yoga challenge come January 1st!!

  7. Lauren Woodham says

    I plan to get back on the paleo train and stay there! I bought myself a new paleo cookbook for Christmas and it’s going to get lots of love!

  8. says

    I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule. I can’t be perfect all of the time. My resolution is to not stress out when I’m eating in the 20%. The mental stress which can come with eating something in the “20″ zone can be just as harmful as the actual food itself. My goal is to remember that I’m still young, and that eating food other than what I normally eat won’t kill me. In 2014, I will not be able to prepare my own food 85% of the time. The first step I’m going to take is to remember my situation. I will do my best with what I am given. In the long run, a positive attitude is key.

  9. Melody says

    My New Years resolution is to do more for me…not in a selfish way but in a take care of myself way. My first step in that is going to be trying to relax and take my own advice of don’t stress the stuff you can not change. I also want to eat more natural.

  10. Albert Kim says

    My New Years Resolution is to stop eating non paleo food on the go. My first step in accomplishing this is to buy lots of nuts to bring on the go.

  11. Scott Nelson says

    My New Years resolution is to get my finances in order. I just finished a course from Dave Ramsey. Second, I resolve to get to the gym more then 3 days a week. I am working my schedule to make it happen.

  12. Joy says

    My New Years resolution is to keep striving for great health both body and mind. I will swim, bike , run and will start Transendetal mediation ..:))

  13. says

    My first goal is to complete the DDP Yoga Certification program. I am currently at 170 days straight practising DDP Yoga and find the transformation in me and my son amazing. My STory I am working on getting certified to help him more and will be teaching in the fitness center at work.

  14. Athena says

    After one of the hardest years yet, I decided to make only one New Year’s Resolution:
    To be happy.

    The first step to achieving this will be to go back to a paleo diet and spend more time exercising and being out in nature. I need to be healthy before I can be happy.

  15. Kieran Brennan says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to find new friends and happiness in my new home away from home. My first step to fulfill this resolution is to become more outgoing and conversational with new people that I encounter in my new location.

  16. Lisa P says

    My resolution is to discover the source of my headaches. My first step is to continue to learn and research as much as I can.

  17. Sandy says

    My New Years Resolution is to expand my paleo diet, get out of the rut. I will clean and organize my kitchen to make it easier. Good luck to everyone!

  18. Leonie says

    My new years resolution is to strictly follow the AI-protocol together with my husband.
    Together for good health!
    To succeed in the protocol, we will read everything we can about it!

  19. Kim Owens says

    I’m embarking on the Paleo AIP. The first step towards achieving it has already been completed – I hired a holistic nutritionist to work with me through this!

  20. Erin Molden says

    Eating nutrient dense goods and staying active to help my twins who are due in June develop healthy and be ready for delivery!

  21. says

    Not so much a New Year’s Resolution, but I’m starting to run again. I actually enjoy it now and have set the goal to run a half marathon before my 30th birthday in July.

  22. Arianna says

    My New Years resolution is read two books per month. I already have books ready for the first 4 months and after that I’ll see where my interests take me.

  23. says

    My New Year’s Resolutions: To Stop Dieting & Reclaim my Athlete Status that I lost after college!!! Putting in quality hours at the gym and shopping at the farmers market is how I will do it…

  24. Jessica says

    My New Years resolution is to complete the 21 Day Sugar detox, and continue eating Paleo and workout atleast 4 days a week. I plan on doing this by planning my menu every week(got 5 new Paleo cook books so excited to use!) and getting up and working out before work.

  25. abigail says

    My 2014 goal is to master the art of FERMENTATION. I have a big German fermenting pot and Wild Fermentation book on order from the library.

  26. says

    My New Years resolution is to find balance between being a mom and taking time for myself. I will try to plan out specific days or hours during the week that are for ME only. It’s so important we are also taking care of ourselves. <3 Happy New Year!

  27. says

    My New Years resolution is to be organized. I have too many things to possibly fit into 24 hours. So, I need to schedule my time better. Also, as always to lose a few pounds.

  28. rayray cartucci says

    My New Year’s resolution is to start running again. SO to get myself ready I am about to buy some new running shoes! I need to buy a new coat…because I hate running in the cold.

  29. says

    This year I will focus on continuing to educate myself on healthier food and lifestyle choices and sharing with my family members. I will also run a 5K, 10K and prep for a Tri-athalon sprint.

  30. says

    Hi! Happy new year 2014! One of my New Year resolutions is to eat more REAL FOOD, which I intend to do by starting to cook as much of what I eat as possible. I’m planning to reduce store-bought cooked food, as well as food that comes in boxes and have plenty of ingredients which I can’t even pronounce, and probably don’t know what they are!

  31. Ann says

    My New Years Resolution is to forgive. I don’t want to hold bad feelings toward people. I’m going to start by forgiving myself.

  32. Dawn says

    Detoxing by starting with Whole 30 and then following with paleo eating. Cleaning out the kitchen this weekend, stocking up on whole foods.

  33. Bethany says

    I am resolved to overhaul my diet and health so that I can be of better service to my family and set a good example for our two small children.

  34. wendy says

    My new years resolution is to take my own advice and take better care of my self rather than just my children. Lead by example.

  35. Ann Marie Mones says

    My New Year’s resolution is to heal my back with exercise, diet (losing weight), and stress reduction. My first step is doing the physical therapy home exercises every day. But, at the same time I am going to be more conscious of my diet too.

  36. Barb says

    I resolve to heal my gut (soy, egg and wheat intolerant) which in turn is the first step to healing the rest of my body. I also want to lead by example so other family members might begin to heal themselves.

  37. jody estabrook says

    my resolution is to meet my goal weight of 120 lbs. I have already lost over 55 lbs and have 40 more to go! Im so tired of being unhealthy that I had to make a change! In 2014, I will accomplish the weight goal! Eating right and some exercise

  38. says

    Every year resolution. To go new places, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. This has been my resolution for about 20 years and I have never failed. I have done some amazing things in the last 20 years. So first steps…will be when I see the doctor for disability evaluation. then maybe the resolution can be to pay my bills.

  39. Doc says

    My new years resolution is to get healthy by eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out the sugar. I also will plan my meals in advance to meet my goals.

  40. Amanda says

    My New Year’s resolution is to live more simply. We are moving two days before New Year’s Day so I am purging many things and really considering what we actually “need.”

  41. Marye Waite says

    I resolve to continue to make strides in improving my health by revamping my eating habits (becoming more sensitive to how different foods affect my body & eliminating those that have a negative impact on me.)

  42. leslie Sorenson says

    I want to eat only Whole Foods. This really isn’t a resolution for the new year it has it in a resolution over the past year and I hope to continue it throughout the following year. I hope to achieve that cycling more organic face and perimeter grocery store shopping. Also, I have learned that slowly coming out on healthy choices is easier than going cold turkey. Wish me luck!

  43. carrie simmons says

    My main resolution this year is to truly break this sugar habit. I know I need to eat healthier for myself and for my nursing 3.5 month old.

  44. says

    Resolution: work diligently to understand God’s Plan for me and fulfill it. How: hold the line (I think I’m on track now, so I’m going to keep plugging along!).

  45. Jodi J says

    I’m not a fan of the term New Years Resolutions as I think we should make goals all year round. However, the next goal I want to work on is dejunking. I have some instructions to refer to to help me along. I think it will bring more peace into life to have less unnecessary stuff.

  46. Suzie G. says

    My new year’s resolution is to stress less and get healthier. Started my new plan before Christmas. The stress part is gonna be harder, so many things beyond my control. Just gonna have to let go and trust.

  47. Kelsey Leonard says

    To continue to better my health by continuing to shop at the farmers market and making my own cleaners and to start yoga again and hopefully get back in school for my Masters degree!!! Busy year ahead!!

  48. says

    We hope to have a successful kidding with our goats – Which means goat’s milk and goat’s milk soaps! (My resolution? To learn to milk AND make soap!)

    • says

      I plan on eating less commercially prepared foods, get organized, and starts my soap making and utilize all my wonderful goat milk to its fullest potential! First thing is to keep his records of everything, make an office, read and research healthy eating, grow foods the family can thrive in, Canning, take a soap making class and raise healthy Oberhasli goats. Happy New Year.

  49. Allison k. says

    Our 2014 plan is to eat more raw, natural foods and begin cutting out foods with chemicals / preservatives etc. we are staring out first steps by meal planning with trying to incorporate fruits and veges to every meal.. Which will be a huge feat with our kids!! ;)

  50. Candice says

    My New Year’s resolution is to eat more real, nutrient dense foods and to cut out all wheat/gluten from my diet. My budget is really tight, but I’ll do the best I can.

  51. Cynthia Campbell says

    My goal is to get regular sleep, be more active and continue learning about nutrition and preparation of healthy foods. I’m going to follow a bedtime schedule, get moving everyday and research and experiment with new foods and recipes.

  52. Haley says

    I have two New Years resolutions: to start my own herb garden and slowly build to a regular garden and to rid my house of all non-homemade cleaners in order to get rid of toxins that my family is exposed to. To do this I will read up on gardening (especially container gardening) and buy a couple new plants a month as well as read toxic-free which will help me transition my current household supplies to non-toxic alternatives that I would like to make.

  53. Margo Giunta says

    I am planning to buy 4 chickens, and make a raised bed garden. My goal is to eat real healthy food, and save money where I can. Also, to talk my spouse into selling our home and buying a small house in the country so I can have goats, too! LOL

  54. Jessica says

    I have determined this coming year to start healing our bodies. First step is going to be cooking only real food then soon we are going to be removing grain for a time.

  55. Beth C says

    Would love to have this. I am going Paleo in 2014 to heal my body of many years of poor eating and this would be so helpful.

  56. says

    Not exactly a New Year’s resolution, but I plan to be more accountable. And carry on eating fresh, whole foods but incorporate more movement into my daily life.

  57. Teresa Halabi says

    I want to be healthier in mind, body and spirit. I truly am committing to do what is needed (I KNOW WHAT to do, but don’t always do it!). I will become the healthy person I SAY I want to be!!!!

  58. Teresa Dunne says

    My New Years Resolution is to get on a good path –do some fun stuff with my Son and do some great exercising and eating well. Yoga and more reading –i love.. What a great giveaway. Happy New Year.

  59. Donna Harms says

    One of my resolutions is to Simplify to get rid of clutter that makes me feel chaotic…I will do this by going thru and getting rid of things that I do not need to hang on too. I am also going to work on lowering my stress level by learning to find inner peace…this will be much harder but it is a goal I have and would like to accomplish. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you have a Happy New Year.

  60. says

    My new years resolution will be to SERIOUSLY relax while I am traveling in India and not stress about work / my health / anything. First step? Get on the plane!

  61. Rhonda Hagloff says

    My resolution in the coming year is to exercise regularly. I intend to start by exercising an injured shoulder, and then work on strengthening my back after injuring it as well, so that I can then exercise my entire body. It doesn’t sound like much, but because of my injuries, it IS a big deal for me. It is my goal to be healthier and fitter in my 50′s and on, than I was in my 20′s and 30′s.

  62. Christine says

    To get back to being me… Get back on paleo and determine what I’m reacting to… And my new job has yoga at lunch, so I’m rewarding myself with yoga and time to focus on me. Just taking this year to get back on track for me and my family…. Plus, we are going as ‘local’ as possible… Everything we need is right here at home.

  63. Kimber M says

    This year I have a few goals… 1) run in two half marathons. 2) grow more in my garden to can for my family to eat. 3) grind my own grain to make bread for my family…

  64. Tasha says

    My resolution for 2014 is to remove toxins from my life. I plan to eat organic whole foods and make my own household cleaners, also start the process of removing plastic from my house

  65. Samantha V. says

    My New Year’s resolution is to stick to the Paleo plan for 30 days (we just started), find out what allergies my kids and I have and continue with a healthy diet thereafter. The first step to reaching that goal is making the foods interesting and getting my kids involved in the preparation, I don’t want them to dread this new change but embrace it.

  66. Clara Contreras says

    My resolution is to completely cut out sugars and grains and dairy. I’m about 90% there. Just need to take that final 10% out.

  67. Chris says

    My resolution is to eat real food – stop worrying about this diet or that diet or even diets in general. Just eat real, whole foods that make my body feel good.

  68. Elizabeth Langston says

    My resolution is to become more fit. I’m starting by meeting with a friend tomorrow to devise a workout routine that I can do every day.

  69. Connie says

    My resolution is to focus on the rest and digest part of my meals.

    My first step is doing anything sugar detox when I’m not shoving sugary stuff in my mouth it’s easier to focus.

    I’d love to win this for my whole family!

  70. Monica says

    My New Year’s resolution is to not yell. I have been reading and following The Orange Rhino and feel that I am ready to tackle this problem area in my life.

  71. Natasha Boss says

    My resolution is to heal my gut. I’ve done some elimination diet, but feel I need to take a much more hard core approach. So, I’ll be cutting out all dairy, grains, sugar, etc, and upping the bone broth, gelatin, and probiotics. I’ll start adding things back in little by little in about March.n

  72. Darcey says

    Want to cut out the sugar. I did it once but the holidays have derailed me. I plan on doing it slowly by adding no sugar added things in my diet, one meal at a time.

  73. Kristy K says

    I resolve to learn more. There are classes for interesting things often and I plan to take them! My first one was today (a little early). I learned to make a solar oven. Next month I’m taking a mushroom-growing workshop.

  74. Jules says

    We plan to follow a whole foods diet eliminating all processed foods. Looking forward to receiving your tips for better health and well being!

  75. Danielle Griner says

    I plan to get fit physically and financially in 2014. My husband and I came up with our budget two nights ago and today the 4 kiddos and I went for a 30 minute walk. We have been implementing a whole foods diet for a couple of months now, but we are really needing work in the area of less eating out. Very excited about the giveaway!

  76. Bethani McDermott says

    To make time to heal the herniated disc in my back by doing yoga as frequently as possible…. to try to spend less and save more… hopefully if we can afford to, to marry my amazing fiancé, the man of my dreams and to start a family together!

  77. Sarah Johnson says

    I resolve to live a simpler life focused on the things that matter most – family and health. We’ll buy less “stuff”, eat real foods, exercise, and meditate. If I stay from this goal, I will not be hard on myself, realizing that it’s part of a journey. Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2014!

  78. Kim Walker says

    To get to a healthy weight and maintain the weight loss. Start exercising more frequently and stay motivated not give up,or get frustrated with not losing the weight that I think I should loose.

  79. Leah says

    My resolution is to eat healthier and provide healthier snacks and meals for my family. I’ve been pulling together recipes and I plan to incorporate them in after the new year

  80. Cynthia says

    Want to work on getting in shape and eating healthier in 2014. Looking for new healthier food choices and different ways to lose weight.

  81. Tracy Z says

    My New Years resolution is to clean out half of my belonging over the first couple months and give away to someone who needs them. Decluttering will make my life simplier and happier!

  82. Devin says

    My resolution is to begin teaching CEs in my field before the end of the year. The steps I will be taking include working as a T.A. with my mentor, finishing the rewrite of the instructor’s manual and reading the book list I’ve outlined for my self.

  83. Emily Willen says

    My New Years Res. is to get better this year. The first steps I have in mind is eating healthier again (I’ve been bad this whole year, but I have been getting back on track this last month), & starting treatment for my Lyme. I also want to start yoga again~

  84. Brenda says

    My New Years Resolution is to clean up my diet!! I’m seriously thinking of starting off with the GAPS diet!! Thanks for the awesome give-a-way!

  85. Mary campbell says

    To get a job so I can help alleviate the stress the economy has placed on us (sometimes mortgage is late). to also be able to start getting back to healthy.

  86. Stephanie KL says

    To improve my health by eating clean paleo and doing strength training. I begin January 1 and have set calendar reminders. My husband is joining me in this endeavor and we’ll be each other’s motivator. It will be fun!

  87. says

    My resolution is to get my business really rolling this next year and make a viable income. I have several plans already in the works for January to get things jump-started. Very excited about the possibilities!

  88. Cindy says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to “Show Up.” That means that I will not shy away from what I know I want to do. I will show up and do what I need to do, and see what happens.

  89. Elizabeth Arthur says

    My resolution is to make my own lotions and moisturizers. I bought some organic coconut oil a few weeks ago when it was on sale, and I am going to a beekeeper tomorrow to buy some local beeswax!

  90. Cindy Leonard says

    I started new resolutions several months ago. I began exercising…working my way up on the treadmill from 5 min to 60 min…5 days a week. I also began having a ‘clean up’ routine at 8:30 pm each night. I’ve also been trying more recipes. I still have lots of goals…I want to get in the habit of journaling again and I want to try my hand at drawing and maybe painting a picture. So the first step I’m going to take towards my new resolution will be to use my gift card and get some art supplies and find a tutorial for a picture I want to paint!

  91. lisa scott says

    My new years resolution is too eat more REAL foods by buying at farmers markets, exercising, detoxing, and taking time to take care if myself.

  92. Erin C says

    My new years resolution (or goal) is to eat more real food and less processed food. I am also limiting the amount of chemicals ridden items I use.

    I’ve already begun making my own makeup, body wash, and deodorant. Next up is toothpaste and shampoo. I’m looking for easy recipes with real foods to help me succeed in that area.

    Thanks and happy new year!

  93. laurie says

    To rid my life of things that do not serve my health and well being. Have already started with food choices at this, the hardest time time of the year. New years goes the cigarettes too!

  94. Jessica says

    My New Years resolution is to continue making positive healthy choices for myself and my family, organize and budget and make it a priority. I have 2 babies under 2 and I promised myself that when my son was born 2 months ago with a severe milk/soy allergy along with terrible reflux and gas and was told to be put on all types of meds, that my life needed to change. It has not been easy and it has not been cheap! but it needs to continue to be a priority in our life. I have started a 52 week savings plan specifically for healthy/organic foods and natural oils, by cutting out “things” from our budget that didn’t contribute to the road we are trying to take, so far I was able to save $75 a month towards our goal and as the year progresses, so will our per month number :))

  95. Teresa says

    Resolve to be totally gluten free, I’m almost there. Purchased “gluten Free on a Shoestring”, now I need to find the time to bake.

  96. Ericka says

    My goal for the new year to stop eating any food that makes me sick ie. grains, sugar and processed food. I will start by ensuring that food is that in my home.

  97. Elizabeth says

    My resolution is to continue on my natural healing journey. . . the first step I will take in this new year is to show my yoga mat some love. It’s been sitting on the corner of my room, and it’s due time for me to incorporate it back into my life.

  98. Eric Mosqueda says

    My new years resolution is get back on track on when it comes to taking care of my body. As a student it can be difficult, however I don’t want to use that as an excuse. I plan to get back in the gym 3 times a week and to start jogging again. I also plan to keep up with ridding processed foods from my diet and replacing those with more natural foods. In fact, I’m going to start right now with a nice green smoothie and then I’m heading out on a jog!

  99. jan says

    I am looking forward to getting back into my routine of healthy eating, tai chi and volunteering. All of these feed my soul :)

  100. Madeleine says

    To do at least 3 months of Candida Diet and to increase my exercise time every day. Also so to study something new!

  101. Mickey Louth says

    I need to get back on track for managing my diabetes. I lost 60 lbs this past year and want to lose another 50 this year but it will be tougher. I plan on setting up a tread mill my son loaned me. Starting off small with my shot knees!

  102. Monique says

    As 2014 approaches, I’m hoping to continue to raise my confidence in myself and in the decisions I make for my family. With nearly 1,5years under my belt as a Primal family, I want to continue to refine my goals and control, as well as learn more deeply about why this choice is working for us.

  103. Christina says

    I’m going to focus on my sleep, start meditating, yoga and some body weight crossfire style workouts. Even if it’s just 1-3 days a week. :-)

  104. Gailo says

    I plan to continue to improve my health through rehab for my hip, going truly gluten free, visiting a naturopath nutritionist to further identify food sensitivities.

  105. Laura says

    To improve my health by losing weight and taking care of some skin issues. I am starting by doing a 21 day sugar detox.

  106. Natasha says

    I plan to be better at keeping to my paleo by not letting others negative comments deter me in my path to healing and health!

  107. Cheryl says

    My goal is to commit to the healthy lifestyle I think about having. Not just thinking about it, but living it. Also to not be so critical towards myself.

  108. Gloria says

    My New Years resolution is to lose weight by getting stricter with paleo, cutting out chocolate and wine and exercising.

  109. Stephen Ness says

    To go AIP. We are just about ready to,we are just finishing up what’s left in the home that doesn’t fit in the diet (too poor to just toss the stuff out).

  110. Janet Potts says

    My goals this year include, to get to bed by 10:30 every evening and to get 20 minutes of exercise 3 days a week. I purchased 2 groupons for exercise classes (yoga and a Daily Method) to get me started.

  111. Jessica says

    I have many goals for the new year, but to kick things off, I am doing the 21DSD to get myself back on track after a overindulgent holiday season.

  112. Jennifer says

    To rediscover me. I just filed for divorce from an abusive marriage and am working on healing myself and getting into better shape. 2013 was about mental healing and getting over the emotional and mental abuse. 2014 will be about getting into better physical shape, to rediscover walking and lifting heavy things, which I love. And to spending more time with my kids, showing them how to eat and be healthier.

  113. Jessica says

    My New Year’s resolution is to advance my overall well-being by managing my stress better and continuing with my healthy foods journey.

    • Jessica says

      My first step will be to create a budget and improve my financial health in order to alleviate a large portion of the stress that I currently have.

  114. Jessica says

    I’m hoping to be more active myself and as a family in 2014. I got a kettlebell for Christmas, and my goal is to start small with 3 workouts a week of 20 minutes. Bonus points for incorporating my 2 year old and wearing the 4 week old!

  115. Christine Elsdon says

    Resolution? ah… to be healthier, wiser, more energetic, happier, kinder, more organized, more loving and understanding. To give more and simplify. To be there for my family but look after myself first.
    Wishing this for all :)

  116. says

    My word for 2014 is Reboot, because this year has been a wild, and not always enjoyable, ride. Much has changed and I need to figure out a lot this year. The first step forward is to get organized, which on the food front includes meal planning and a further commitment to cooking more and healing through diet.

  117. Steve says

    I have already set up a January skills challenge to improve my pullups, pushups and situps to get ready for my enlistment in the National Guard.

  118. Kara says

    My new years resolution is to focus on what really matters, like family! the first step I’m going to take is to spend less time on the internet and urging my family to play games where we can learn more about each other and, most importantly, have quality time together. :)

  119. Angela says

    To continue the healthy lifestyle my hubby and I started in Nov. and our Christmas gift to each other was a gym membership at a new gym in our neighbourhood. Pretty excited!

  120. Nikki says

    For myself: I want to treat my body better! I know what foods irritate me and I know what to do to fix it. I plan on diving into the GAPS diet to try and reverse my food allergies. I think it will be life changing And I’m tired of just talking about it. For my family: I want to serve them whole and healthy foods. My poor kids eat nothing but processed crap and it’s not fair to their little bodies. We’ve been slowly workin to this but I get so lazy about going to the grocery store :/

  121. Vivian says

    To continue to eat right, but cut out any bites, licks, tastes, that are not healthy. I eat non-processed, grain free, sugar free, pastured meats, etc. but I often feel pressured (and give in) to “just tasting”, or “just try a bite”… etc. It harms my health and puts weight on my body (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) so I resolve to quit!!

  122. Heather says

    My new year’s resolution is to try and meditate more, shut down my mind and shut out the world — for 15 minutes a day. This is going to be a challenge for me!

  123. Stacy says

    My resolution is to eat MORE! I do much, much better when I’m eating consistently. I’m going to start by eating breakfast every morning. :)

  124. Chris says

    My resolution is to get healthy and the way im going to do that is to get my teeth fixed, I have major problems with them and they are making me sick, with constant infections and pain.

  125. shella says

    My new years resolution is for 2014 to be my families healthiest year yet! Eating healthy and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.

  126. Mary Rogers says

    Wow what an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance. Ok so my New Year’s resolution will be to read more. Its one of my first loves but gotten away from it since having kids. Also will be to get healthier. I lost 20 lbs this year and my goal is to keep going. Hubby moved my treadmill into the bedroom so maybe I can walk more plus I’ve got tons of workout DVD

  127. Ona-lysa k says

    To finish decorating and organizing our house. Our house is 3000sqft, but right now we are choosing to have our family of give living in 1500sqft and rent the rest… Needless to say we need to be majorly organized to have a functioning non cluttered house.

    We will start in the new year by redoing our family room to be more function, yet look nice and complete.

  128. Nicole Donovan says

    My NYR is to de-clutter my life. Each week one room, cabinet or drawer needs to be tackled. Anytime something new is bought, 2 old things need to be donated.

  129. Tracy S. says

    My resolution is to make myself feel better and lessen my daily wretched pain ans illness as much as I can through meditation, using essential oils, herbs and eating better foods for my body. I have been in chronic pain for two years, was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease, underwent an unsuccessful brain surgery, and now it seems that was not the problem at all. Lovely. Nerve blocks seem to help, but I am sick constantly and in daily, exhausting pain. There must be a way to make myself feel better instead of hoping for someone else to come up with answers!

  130. Chelsea Randolph says

    My new years resolution is to do more sewing projects. I pen pal with deployed soldiers and thought I would work on making a pocket sized stuffed owl to send each of them like a good luck charm and something to remind them of home.

  131. Sara S-V says

    Declutter and organize – I will start with a goal of cleaning out a space a week so I don’t get overwhelmed and follow through.

  132. Lynn says

    Our New Years resolution is to get back on our paleo diet. My husband and I felt so healthy and energetic and slept well too. How silly to let all that go for some stuffing!!

  133. Michelle says

    My resolution is to attack the clutter in my house and become more organized. My mother is a hoarder, and I see myself slowly turning into her. That is not the lifestyle I wish to follow.

  134. Courtney Foster says

    My New Years resolution is to meet my weight loss goal and run my first 5k race. In order to reach my goal I will increase my running to 4 days a week (since i have been slacking) and add body weight exercises on days that I am not running. I am also signed up for a 5k in March so there’s no turning back now! I would also like to complete a 10k by the end of the summer but I’m focusing on the first goal first.

  135. Elise says

    To focus on my needs both physically and mentally. Starting by encouraging myself to relax, let work roll of my shoulders and eat whole foods without dairy and grains.

  136. Kathy Weaver says

    I don’t normally make a resolution because they are so easily broken. I do plan to continue to eat healthy and go fully paleo.

  137. April R. says

    To be good to myself. Continue eating healthy, increase the amount of exercise, yoga, and mediation I am doing, spend more time with people who are positive influences.

  138. Lynn says

    This coming year I want to get back to feeling good about myself again, both physically and mentally! To stop focusing on my own negatives and look towards my positives! My first step is a 21DSD and getting back to the gym!

  139. Lydia says

    I plan to continue to eat as healthy as possible and continue going to the gym 3-4 days a week. I also want to start yoga and incorporate all of this into becoming a new me!

  140. E Marshall says

    While I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, I do believe in always working to become better. The beginning of a week, month, or year is always a good time, simply because it’s an easy way to organize and plan. My plan for the new year is to address some health issues (auto immune) that I’ve been struggling with by beginning with a Whole 30.

  141. Jenni says

    My resolution is to continue down the healthy path I started last year by changing my gym routine to the morning before work, this way I won’t have the excuse of it being too crowded at the start of the year!

  142. Jennifer says

    My resolution is to be more positive. Stress less and focus on what I can control. Continue to become a healthier me with paleo and crossfit.

  143. Stephanie Boudreau says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to get healthy and get my family healthy with a number of lifestyle changes. Then to declutter my house and set it up for a primal/paleo lifestyle.

  144. Trish says

    Not so much a resolution as a goal, a journey I would say, to find peace. Peace with where I am at in my life, peace within…

  145. kristin says

    Our resolution is to go completely grain free and add way more greens into our diets! First step is cleaning out the pantry and filling the fridge with lots of produce!

  146. says

    My new years resolution is to kick ass in Crossfit and follow an 80% Paleo lifestyle by cutting out garbage and hitting my box at least 3 times a week and doing WODs at home.

  147. Linda says

    To start on my journey to get down to a healthier weight. Starting with morning meditation and yoga followed by sensible whole foods diet and afternoon exercise plus lots of water.

  148. Shannon says

    I honestly don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I am constantly setting new goals, but I have never gotten into the whole “New Year, New You” mentality. Why wait for the beginning of the week/month/year to make changes in your life when you can start today?

  149. Megan Lierman says

    My resolution is to give up adding artificial sweeteners and creamer to my coffee…I started a few weeks ago, and I can say I’m drinking it black on a regular basis!

  150. Jenna A. says

    My New Year Resolution is to gradually switch over to all natural and, if possible, organic personal health care products. My first step has already been to go out and purchase several of the products I want to try. I am going to try 1-3 each month depending on the products, just In case I react to anything. That way I will know what I am reacting to and can try a different version of that product. Starting with toothpaste.

  151. says

    I , along with the readers of my blog, going into 2014 with plans to be as healthy as we can be. I am currently blogging a 16 day countdown to January 1st with guides to Paleo health, mental health, environmental health and physical health. On January 1st, we start a new adventure in being healthy.

  152. Stephanie Ann says

    my New Years resolution is to lose 30 lbs!! I will be working out daily & eating more fruits & veggies! no more sodas for me!

  153. Shirley says

    My goal is to simplify my life. I will accomplish this first by decluttering my home, spending at least 15 minutes each and every day sorting, donating and tossing.

  154. Michelle says

    I have a lot of resolutions for this coming year. I resolve to declutter and organize our house, plant a garden, can what I harvest, and continue our new healthy lifestyle.

  155. Lori Carroll says

    To continue with the progress I’ve made over the past year. My eating is greatly improved, and now I’m stepping up my fitness goals, now that I’m healthy enough to do the things I want to do. I have about another 35 pounds to lose, but I’ve already done the hardest part… the best is yet to come… a newer, more improved, leaner and meaner me!!

  156. Katie says

    Continue our whole foods diet, lose some more weight and become debt free! We are continuing to transition our food to real, nourishing foods. I have a large goal to meet weight-wise and I am ready to shed these unwanted pounds and regain my health back! And we are preparing to clean out our debt using dave Ramsey’s plan

  157. says

    I will be going on a sugar-free, gluten-free diet in January to take off the weight and get rid of the yeast problem. Hopefully there will not be much of a problem once the die-off starts. My doctor prescribed both Nystatin and Fluconazole on a schedule so we can be sure to kill it all off. Have already started a hefty dose of probiotics and I am so ready to do this! That will be my start for a healthier, lighter 2014!!

  158. April says

    Fix my health issues so I can stop worrying my parents and enjoy college. I’m starting another elimination diet soon to see if it will help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Mary says

    To visit my elderly Aunt more and continue into more healthy eating. I plan to visit her every week. I plan to keep learning from real food Rn ,love her blog and heal myself instead of using prescription drugs,

  160. april says

    I’ve spent the last several months getting my eating and sleeping habits in order. My New Year’s resolution is to add in a simple workout routine. My first step is to write it in my planner/schedule to help me remember to do it and get the habit formed!

  161. Rebecka says

    My goal is to make my self more well with my diet. So, I will be changing from paleo to AIP (autoimmune protocol) paleo. This should further decrease my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. My first step is to read more about AIP and make sure my grocery list and cupboard & fridge contents are appropriate.

  162. Lilia says

    to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Starting Jan 6th I will be doing P90X3 with my husband to get 2014 started right.

  163. says

    To slow down. To listen to my body and to others more closely. To prioritise based on how I feel, what excites me and moves me. To spend more time with my family – especially my son who is a constant source of wonder and inspiration. To lift more often. To ride more places. To heal and move forward. To laugh more. 2014 is going to be my best year yet.

  164. says

    I resolve to take some time for myself, even if I have to make the time. Mother’s get so busy being all to everybody that we neglect ourselves. I need some quite time, some recoup time.

  165. Birdiebee says

    To start losing the weight I gained this year after an accident in a local store that put me in bed for the past 8 months.

  166. Julia Decker says

    My goal this year is to learn how to cook and prepare foods using the Paleo method and then make it a lifestyle change. I’m going to do this by beginning to research blogs and books on the subject and read, read, read!

  167. Kelly M. says

    My resolution for 2014 is to eat much healthier as a family (whether they like it or not – and me as well) which means we will be cutting out all sugary foods and my husband’s favorite, unhealthy snacks. I know it won’t be easy because there are a lot of healthy foods that I don’t particularly like to eat, but I am going to try, try, try, them. We are also switching to alkaline water and eliminating any and all sodas (including diet).

  168. Clara says

    One of my goals for 2014 is to include more probiotic food in my diet. I will start by adding Kombucha. I make my first batch this week.

  169. Mary says

    My goals are to lose 40 lbs, skate 25 miles/week by February, and sleep better. I am starting a Whole 30 on January 6. :)

  170. Tammy Downs says

    My goal is to become a healthier and happier me and setting a great example for my grandkids to grown up watching. I am going to do eveything within my power to bring my husband and sons on board to a healthy lifestyle. I am starting today, a little early, but there is nothing like the present. I am kicking it all off with a 21 Day Sugar Detox.

  171. Penny says

    One of my resolutions is to be a better Christian. I will work on this by having a “Thank you, God” time each morning, praying, reading the Bible & encouraging devotions & blogs, & thinking positively.

  172. says

    To have more patience with the kids. I plan to use breathing methods and removing myself from the situation to achieve this. It is funny how a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old can send you over the edge.

  173. Julie says

    One of them is to have a more efficient grocery shopping schedule and another is to eat paleo more like 90% of the time instead of 75%. Oh, and no fast food.

  174. Betsy says

    My resolution is to rely on God’s Plan vs My Plan, working in 2014 to prepare our health and our home for a family.

  175. Barb G says

    I gave up making ” resolutions” years ago, because I always felt like a failure when I “broke” them. My goal is to be healthier by utilizing the information I’m learning on all the healthy blogs that I’ve been reading!

  176. Jennifer says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to communicate better with my husband, and more positively with my kids. With my husband, my goal is to “speak the truth in love” (I come from a family that just bottles everything up until one day you just explode, so this is going to be a work in progress for sure). With my kids, I have a hard time speaking kindly simply because I tend to engage more when there are problems. So with both, my first step is going to be “count to 10″ before speaking, to remind myself of the goal, and give myself time to think about what I should say, instead of just blurting out whatever pops into my head.

  177. Amy says

    As we continue to eat more and more healthy….I’m going to stop obsessing about every little piece of food or drink that we have. I think the stress can be more destructive than the food!

    • Suzi Cooper says

      Whoops! I forgot to mention my first step: I am stocking up on Paleo cookbooks so I have lots of yummy recipes on hand (I love to cook) and don’t fall back on old grain-filled recipes.

  178. Kathy says

    Learning to relax and not stress over stupid stuff, like a number on the scale or the size of my jeans. Keep eating and cooking whole foods. Spending more quiet time with God.

  179. Rachel says

    My resolution will be taking small steps to eating healthier. First things I’ve already started doing and will do my best to continue is to make green smoothies. I love putting a variety of fruits and veggies in my blender and drinking it! Feels great!!

  180. Samantha says

    My New Year’s resolution is to focus less on myself and more on helping others. I’ve already taken the first step in submitting an application to United Way to provide tax return filing services for free to the poor (I’m an accountatnt).

  181. Leslie B says

    Oops, I don’t do new year’s resolutions. My goals are to start my health coaching business, and declutter my life. One foot in front of the other is my plan!

  182. Deanna says

    I will have many New Years’ resolutions/goals for 2014, but the most important is to continue my path to heal my gut. I’m going to re-do the GAPS Intro diet in January to figure out what is triggering my autoimmune responses…that’s where I will start!

  183. Erin Ter Beest says

    One of my resolutions is more organ meat in myself and my son (who doesn’t mind it but doesn’t get it much because I don’t fix it). I’m going to start by blending up some liver and re-freezing in smaller chunks that I can easily add to ground beef.

  184. Amanda says

    My husband and I have made the resolution/goal to pay off all of our student loans. We have revised our budget and will be living leaner so that we can put more towards our debt.

  185. Joanne Tanner says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to be less critical of others. I have realized that being critical is an inherently self-centered perspective. By becoming less critical, my goal is to become more accepting and compassionate and loving.

  186. BeccaOH says

    My 2014 is to get back on the healthy living path. First step is to move treadmill to spot in house where it can actually be used.

  187. Jennifer Richard says

    My resolution is to slow down and spend more one on one time with my kids. i will probably start with canceling cable.

  188. Stephanie says

    My goals for 2014 are to get fit and healthy and to start a home based business. I am doing this by committing to a beachbody challenge and becoming a coach!

  189. rachel says

    Just talking about that…continue to learn about real food. Check out this Paleo thing and try more alternate grains and make sourdough bread. And try to WAKE up the sheeple people to bacteria in their gut!!! What are your lines Kelly? How do you do your 5-minute pitch? How do you get through to people who are texting-idiots=no attention span?

  190. Courtney Bracke says

    My resolution is to love the people in my life more fully and serve them. I want to be a reflection of God’s love more and more everyday. Life is so short, I am blessed to be seeing another year!

  191. Ryan says

    My new year’s resolution is to change my diet to a more real food diet, start eating more locally produced foods; my first step is to find the local farmers market and farms near me.

  192. Aleshia says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to make all of my family eat healthier! And just to be healthier. I’m starting with crossfit!

  193. Jacqueline M. says

    I would like to switch over to Paleo in the new year. I just retired from the military after 24 years & I have many medical issues since 2008 that the doctors have not been able to help me with. I have a 3 year old daughter & I want to be healthy for her.

  194. Mindy Sims says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to break my addiction to sugar. The first step that I will take to reach it is to do a 21-Day Sugar Detox! Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!

  195. Jaimie Cooper says

    My New Years resolution is to run a marathon. My first step is to work on running for one hour without stopping!

  196. Tammy B says

    Getting organized/minimalized. First step is to get rid of the junk. It’s hard, started a bit ago and still working at it. It is going to be finished soon……

  197. Tami Dymock says

    My New Year’s Resolution. To spend more time with my children. We are implementing a Friday evening Game night and also a Get away from your electronics time. Also a year of collecting for our homeless shelter.

  198. Sandy Bjorkman says

    I have been trying to do everything on my own and taking other people’s dysfunctions personally. In the coming year, I will spend more time reading my Bible and commit the people that are so troublesome in my life to the ONLY ONE who can really bring about a change in them. By letting go of them; I will experience much less stress in my life. I will have more time to read recipes and plan healthy menus. 2014 is going to be a GREAT year!

  199. Tina says

    To believe in myself more, and to continue on my Paleo/Gluten free journey. To exercise, now that I can.
    I have found some indoor exercise videos that are low impact, a great way to start for me

  200. Kallie says

    My resolution is to just be happy, happy with what I already have, who I am and who I am not, happy to have the health I do, and the list goes on. I hope to do this by looking for a blessing in my life everyday, it is so easy to compare myself to others, I will only compare myself to versions of my old self, at least that is the plan :)

  201. Kim says

    I try not to make New Years Resolutions but daily resolutions. I try each day to be positive, improve my health and sharpen my mind. This year, I am going to meditate more and try to improve my spiritual life. I have already started preparing for the first steps by setting up a plan of action and a place to meditate daily.

  202. says

    My resolution for the NY 2014 is to be a source of inspiration for the people around me. I have found, throughout 2013, that the people around me are so inspirational, and positive, and they have had such a tremendously influenced on me. I also have seen that I have the power to have such an effect on the people around me, who loves me, and I want to be a source of positivity around me, and recognize when and how I can inspire people to be more positive, healthy, and generous in general.

    My goal to achieve this is first, to share my views with others, to take the time to hear what others have to say, to make time and create space for others and be with them. And then, to reflect on what it is I do that can be a source of inspiration, and write a blog to share my experiences.

  203. Amy says

    My new year’s resolution is to put God first in everything I do and to trust him more! When God comes first, all good things follow!

  204. says

    Personally, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Just because the calendar year changes from one year to the next doesn’t mean we should create new goals. We should always be working to improve, whether it be April 17th or January 1st, there’s never a bad day to start.

    With that in mind, next year I will continue to work toward personal goals I started in 2013: continuing to experiment with new ways to prepare food, testing new fitness & strength regimens, traveling, continuing our version of minimalism and of course expanding Paleo Porn. :)

  205. Renee says

    I have been reading up on the benefits of Essential Oils lately. I plan to aid my family’s health and well being with a diffuser purchase and several different types of EO’s.

  206. Lisa Flocker says

    I resolve to get fit and get my family fit and healthy this new year. Also to spend more time living in the moment instead of worrying about tomorrow.

  207. says

    Resolution: To establish a regular yoga practice.
    First steps: Sticking with the classes I’m taking now, and spending a few minutes each morning doing yoga at home.

  208. Kortney says

    In the new year I plan on being more health conscious! I plan on ridding my cabinets of all the junk and buy healthier things for us to eat!

  209. Mindy says

    My resolution is to continue my journey to become closer to God, continue to set a healthy example for my daughters, and help inspire and motivate others to achieve their fitness goals. Healthy from the inside out

  210. Danielle F. says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more and not put it off because I’m tired or too busy. The first step to reach that is buying a new pair of sneakers which I plan on doing this weekend which will be motivation to work out and plus, I really need them.

  211. Katherine K. says

    I hope to be more active this new year by doing yoga, walking…etc. I also hope to begin meditation to help obtain some mental peace.

  212. Erik J says

    Like most people to get back in shape and clean up my diet. Time to start working out and cut out the junk food. Right now I’m only about 60% Paleo, and that needs to change big time.

  213. Wanda C. says

    My resolution is to get my family and myself to eat healthier. The steps I am taking to do this is research, research, and more research and to start cooking healthier.

  214. Jayne says

    My resolution is to keep on with the health & fitness habits I have established & get even healthier & fitter than this year!

  215. Nikki says

    Now that I have made the switch to the paleo lufestyle, I want to become more involved in local agriculture, join CSAs and frequent the farmers market. I want to do everything I can to make sure what I’m putting in my body, on my body, and my surrounding are/is HEALTHY

  216. laci scott says

    my new year’s resolution is to continue toward healthy finances, relationships, and a continued exploration of the foods and activities that make my body its best. plus, to go to canada this summer to visit my best friend.

  217. Liz says

    My New Year’s resolution is to not use my debit card. I will use cash only. Yes, I did say debit card. Debit cards are just as bad if not worst than credit cards. This relieves the STRESS I get when having to rob Peter to pay Paul (or in other words having to find the finances to put in the bank). Less stress financially leads to less EMOTIONAL EATING, which leads to weight loss.

  218. Karleene west says

    My New Years resolution is to eat clean/paleo 80% minimum. Start yoga classes 2 x per week, increase my strength training 2 x per week and continue my cardio.

  219. Kathleen says

    I have to admit, I don’t actually have a NYR.. I try very hard every day to live healthy and work hard to get whatever it is I want.

  220. Karen Whitney says

    I want to start eating healthier, cooking more meals at home for my family, exercise, and try to learn to meditate to keep my stress levels down.

  221. Isabel says

    This year I plan to, besides the usual losing of all the holiday weight I gained, focus on removing chemicals from my life. Perfecting my homemade cleaning & beauty products, but most important working on keeping my children healthy by becoming an herbalist. Those are my goals!

  222. says

    I just happened to be finishing writing out my goal. I’m doing a 365 day challenge to increase my strength and flexibility (I’m an aerialist). My daily challenge will include pull ups, handstands, back bends, and splits.

  223. Marveena says

    My resolution is to remove as much toxins from my life as possible. I have signed up for a 10K program, I am doing the 100 day real food challenge and am I cutting down the stress that other people bring to my life.

  224. says

    I am going to be FRUGAL! Starting with eating what we have….like everything in the freezer and pantry. I am making a list (and checking it twice-sorry, wrong season) and making a menu from what I have. In the end it might get really inventive but I am going to do it!

  225. JERRY TIPPETT says

    Eating better has kept insulin free and reduced my meds by 1/2 to 3/4′s so I want to continue to be even more vigilant ant improving my diet and eating healthy.

  226. Sara M says

    My 2014 resolution is to try to eat more fruits & veggies and less sugar. The first step I will take is to get rid of some of the candy sitting around here.

  227. Misty Carpetto says

    To keep the weight I lost in 2013 off. I’ll start by skipping all beer, wine and alcohol on New Years Eve.

  228. says

    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do make goals that can be measured every year. I am working on those – finalizing the list. But here is a quick look at them so far:

    Read 3 books every month – one to grow my faith, one to grow knowledge and one for fun.

    Memorize 3 Bible verses every month

    Meet one new person per month

    Begin a tradition of serving in a nursing home or soup kitchen at least 3 times a year until the children are older – then, once a month or more.

  229. Maria F says

    My goal this year is to start my own small business. I have been making natural soaps, salves and creams for a few years now and instead of giving them away to friends and family I would like to start selling them.
    My plan of action starts with setting up an account on etsy and making some backup stock of my healing salves.

  230. says

    My resolution is to become more financially stable. We are making a bid on a beautiful log cabin that will allow us to reduce our monthly expenses by half. This will not only reduce our expenses but also provide us a permanent place to live where we can raise our animals and grow our food without fear of having to move out. Our current home has been on the brink of foreclosure several times over the past year and the landlord doesn’t really care about keeping the property.

  231. Diane Gill says

    My New Year’s resolution is to relax more and stop obsessing over the little things. I am a perfectionist and I have come to realize that I need to enjoy life more and stop sweating the small things. Life is too short!

  232. Sarah Auzina says

    My New Years’ resolution is to incorporate more whole foods and fewer processed foods into our families’ diet. I’m looking forward to getting a crockpot and making soups! Glorious soups! :)

  233. Katherine S. says

    I want to stick to my new-found Paleo diet! In order to assure that I do, I need to stock my kitchen with plenty of options and plan my meals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. Kathy W. says

    This year it is my goal to become a better meal planner. We have made many dietary change in the past two years and now I need to focus more on planning our meals.

  235. Christina says

    My resolution is to be more proactive about managing my overall happiness and well-being. First step–schedule “me” time every single day to meditate/work out/etc.!

  236. Michele says

    My New Years resolution is to be present, stop worrying and live in gratitude.
    I will continue to write in my gratitude journal.

  237. Morgan says

    My NYR is to get healthier by tracking calories and getting exercise regularly. I would like to join a gym or maybe take Tae Kwon Do lessons, I always thought that sounded like fun!

  238. Rachel says

    I am going to do a 21 day sugar detox and then the AI paleo protocol. My first step is to plan the first weeks meals today.

  239. says

    My NYR is to really sort out and organize my personal and business finances. I’ve become far to lax since having my son. I’m going to stove to keep everything completely updated on a weekly bases.

  240. Lea says

    This year I will practice self love everday and give love freely to those along the way by simplifying my personal goals and sharing a smile.

    Practice paleo by avioding processed foods. Educate myself on healthy habits for my mind body.

  241. Katrina says

    My resolution is to be even more kind in thought and deed. This is for others as well as myself. My first step in this goal is to be mindful of negative thoughts (especially towards myself) and replace them with positive thoughts. I think this can change everything be it emotional, spiritual, and physical. So that’s where I think the magic lies.

  242. Kris says

    One of my New Year resolutions is to declutter and organize my office. I’ll begin by getting 3 boxes for keep, donate, and toss. This could take me all year :D

  243. angie says

    i plan on taking better care of my body in the coming year…i have already started cutting way back on sugar and hope to eliminate all processed forms soon.

  244. lynna says

    My NYR for 2014 is getting back to a healthy lifestyle….incorporate exercise and continue a low-carb/ketogenic/paleo-fied diet. I have hyperinsulinemia/insulin resistance as well as Hashimotos hypothyroidism and would really love to get them under control with diet/lifestyle. Thanks for the chances to win such an awesome giveaway….

  245. ReneeP says

    I don’t make New Years resolutions because I make new goals for myself regularly. I just need to focus on healing my liver right now due to a birth defect I suffered with for all of my 33 years. I received all the cool kitchen equipment I need for this task for Christmas, so no excuses!

  246. Megan says

    I plan to have better sleeping habits! I’d like to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I feel like staying up late and dragging through the morning is affecting my health. So – I’ll stay up for the new year, but it’s early to bed after that for me! Happy New Year!

  247. Karen says

    My New Years Resolution is to get back to eating healthy everyday so I can consistently feel good again. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  248. Cynthia P says

    My goal this year is to simplify and organize the belongings in my house and my shed. So far, i have cleaned and re-organized my pantry, and my next step is to empty out my closet and reorganize it.

  249. Ashley says

    My goal is to heal my lower back as quick and naturally as possible.
    I am a Crossfit trainer and I used to train for competitions here and there. I live in Alaska and Arizona but currently AZ. Two weeks and one day ago, I extruded a disc in a Crossfit workout. I pushed my limits and ignored the excruciating pain in my lower back and the radiating pain that was shooting down back of my left leg.
    I have been bedridden since then and have not been able to walk or stand without pain. I have an extruded disc at L4/5 and herniated disc at L5/S1.
    I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and doing natural treatments at home. Goal is to not have surgery.
    So my goal for 2014 is to heal up, start over, and come back stronger (and be more careful, listening my body).
    First step? PATIENCE. One goal at a time. I want to stand and walk without pain.

  250. Amanda says

    I have always wanted to go sky diving. This year may be the year. I will be looking up places to go a prices and saving up for it and then planning the day.
    On the health side I need to get back on the bandwagon in eating healthier (mainly reducing sweets). I am planning on shopping lists and having recipes laid out in advance.

    • Donna B says

      Forgot to say how I was going to accomplish my goals- I plan to get up a little earlier to have the time to exercise and I’ve been reading about fermenting veggies and will use this info to get started.

  251. Virginia says

    My resolution is to reduce stress in my life. I’m determined to fulfill a life-long desire to get out in nature more and do some early morning birdwatching. When I’m in the world of birds all stress seems to fly away.

  252. Jax says

    21 Day Sugar Detox, find all local grass fed meat sources and switch 100% of my personal care routine to natural, sustainable options.

  253. Jax says

    Already started researching and reaching out to local farms, bought 21 Day resources and recruited 2 friends :) and bought my first natural skin care products.

  254. Colleen Garcia says

    New Years Resolution is to get healthier – and to help my family do the same. First step is to start each day with a green smoothie (get my veggies in – a struggle for me).

  255. Amy Manning says

    My first grandchild will arrive in March, so I am resolved to simplfy to make more room and more time for enjoying this precious blessing.

  256. Dawn says

    To exercise daily, enjoy life more and be more mindful of the simple joys. The first step is uncluttering the house and getting more organized. I feel like we’re getting in our own way with all the “stuff”.

  257. Tracy Jimenez says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to continue on finding something to be thankful for each and everyday, and I have started this by doing a gratitude calendar which I started (via FB) last Dec 29, 2013 (my birthday).

  258. Corita Fischer says

    I want to build my faith in God so that others can know the wonder and beauty of living for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

  259. ellie says

    I’m going to start running with my kids for ONE minute each day and then increase it little by little. I’m not overweight or anything, but I’m definitely not a runner. I thought that would be a good way for us to spend some fun outside time together and get stronger together.

  260. Barbara says

    I don’t like to call them Resolutions, but my Goal for 2013 is to eat healthier by following a Paleo lifestyle and getting more exercise so that I can lose weight and feel better. To that end I have recently purchased several cookbooks and am looking into some menu plans. I still need to figure out the exercise part…!

  261. Laura Schuster says

    My new year resolution is to be more active outside of the house. There are plenty of free activities offered in my town throughout the year. I will choose at least one a month to attend. Ice skating is my my list for January!

  262. Sara Baker says

    My New Years resolution is to return all of my library books on time, and to arrive to events early, rather than late!

  263. Robin says

    Mine is to get into better shape. I am working out 5 days a week instead of 3 and park as far away from the front door at work and at stores as I possibly can.

  264. says

    My resolution is to be more positive and to uplift the spirits of anyone I come in contact with! I am assembling “blessing notes” to share with everyone I can!

  265. Konni says

    My goal is to no longer “Diet” but to start a healthy lifestyle. I have done far too much yo-yo dieting in the past. Exercise is a main focus and I am creating some Paleo menus and cleaning out cupboards and refrigerator getting rid of unheathy choices.

  266. Rachel says

    My husband and I make goals for the year instead of resolutions. We have more than a few, some of which may take longer than a year to meet. So, i’ll share our fist step on our overall goal to greening and improving the health of our daily life. We keep meaning to go no poo and keep not doing it, so our first step is going to be to toss out all of our shampoos and soaps and really go no poo with just baking soda and ac vinegar!

  267. Stephanie says

    To get my stress levels down and loose some weight. 1st step is re-designing my classroom and making it a no homework zone to cut the stress of trying to collect homework from teenagers.

  268. Leona G says

    I want to be healthier which will in turn result in weight loss. I plan to start exercising regularly and making better food choices.

  269. Julie Williams says

    This year I will try to keep my stress level down and enjoy my life more. I plan to take Tai Chi classes and dance lessons. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  270. Rachel says

    My goal for this year is to conceive a baby. I’m taking all natural steps to achieve this goal. First step: healthy eating. Get the body in prime condition to carry.

  271. Leah says

    I’m going to eat healthier and feed my family healthier. I am rejoining Weight Watchers and setting aside time in the evening for exercise and yoga. I’m pulling out my healthy and whole foods cookbooks and planning our meals again.

  272. Debi Deason says

    My goal for this year is to continue to become less dependent on “the grid”. I have a garden which is developing nicely, and have chickens. Plan to get a dual purpose (Dexter) cow for milk and to provide calves for meat.

  273. Virginia says

    My #1 goal for this next year is to commit to cooking and eating healthier! I’ve already started cleaning out our pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator of unhealthy foods, and will start planning meals and sticking to a shopping list to keep on a budget and avoid eating out as much as possible.

  274. Olivia says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to help others in need. I’m going to start by volunteering for my local hospital and later on, charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army.

  275. Anastasia says

    My New Years resolution is to take better control over my diabetes :) I’ll start by not slacking off on taking my insulin! :)

  276. Misty Smith says

    One of my goals for 2014 is to eat better meals by doing more scratch cooking. I started back in September cooking one homemade meal a week. Hopefully I can increase this to two homemade meals per week and so on. Plus I want to learn how to make sourdough bread and kraut too. I got a pressures canner for Christmas so I can start canning my own fruit and vegetables. That way I will know what is in my food.

  277. says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to proactively integrate downtime/relaxation & to learn how to meditate (that is, to learn to meditate when I’m not running!: ).
    The first step is to make it just as much a priority as my training, my work, my sleep and time with my husband!

  278. Danielle says

    Happy New Year Everyone!! My Resolution/Goal this year: Be better to myself…Physically & mentally. There isn’t a harder critic than myself. Continue to learn/practice Tia chi, and enjoy the “Now” more consciously!

  279. Kelly says

    I am going to continue on my path to get healthy. I’m going to do this by incorporating more fruits, veggies, and lean protein into my diet while phasing out processed foods. I also am committed to moving daily and work my way back to being able to run a 5K.

  280. Darlene R. says

    I plan on eating healthy and continue to work out at the gym. I have a 8:30 am appointment with my trainer 1/1/2014, perfect way to start the year!

  281. Debbie B. says

    I usually don’t make Resolutions, but if I did, I’d say I would learn to deal with my need for living gluten free & to regain my health.

  282. Georgette Helton says

    to eat healthier last year I added more whole grains this year ..going lower carbs.and cutting sweets so no sugar in my coffee.

  283. Erica says

    My goal is to continue to eat dairy free, gluten free and sugar free. I have lost over 40 lbs since June and I feel AMAZING! I’d like to re-introduce natural sugar next month and see how that goes. I want to avoid processed foods because they make me feel like crap!

  284. Nichole says

    My resolution is to lead my family toward improved health and wellness. I will begin this process through meal planning.

  285. Carol G says

    My resolution is to be more aggressive at my attempt to reach optimum health. I plan to tighten up on my attempts to be sugar free and to try to eat gluten free as well to see if I can clear up my Hashimoto’s and lose some of this stubborn weight. I have degenerating discs in my back dropping about thirty pounds might relieve the pain some.

    I have been eating good food made from scratch for over thirty years now and have incorporated some cultured foods into my diet in the last few years along with switching to raw, organic A2 cow millk, as well as only eating grass fed pastured meats. I have been sucessful with my attempts to purchase about 90% of my food from local organic farmers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter and possibly win the wonderful give away. I hope your new year brings you peace, happiness and contentment.

  286. Chantale Morin says

    My resolution for 2014 is to reach my goal of a healthy living. I need to eat healthier, and keep working out ( not quitting after 2 months) My plans to reach my goals are to try and enjoy cooking ( because I don’t like to cook) with healthy recipe buy taking healthy cooking classes, and I will be part of a challenge group throughout the year, to stay motivated with my workout programs.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!! Fingers crossed!!!!! +++

  287. Becca F says

    My goal is to get my fibromyalgia back in check. I started eating dairy again and have gained a bit of weight which has made it act up. So cutting out dairy again and trying to lose some weight will help hopefully!

  288. Jodi says

    My resolution this year … no resolution! Just making a healthy lifestyle change … making my health a priority whatever it takes! I’m starting out the New Year with a 21-day sugar detox (21SD) and getting my blood sugar in check. If I do lose weight, which I’m hugely hoping to do … it’s an extra bonus! Most importantly, I want my health and energy to keep up with my family and live the adventure of life. Not sit on the sidelines anymore for anything!!! Jump in with both feet, get a little gritty and LIVE!

  289. Karen Jerread says

    I don’t make resolutions per se but for the past few months I have been working on me. I have lost 25 lbs, gotten my blood sugar in thenormal range and am working to loving myself more and only being around people that support me.

  290. Gini says

    I don’t really do a New Year’s resolution, but I will be restarting my yoga and Pilates, and will keep working on improving my family’s and my own health. The first step will be drinking lemon water, eating foods with cilantro and garlic (makes me feel fantastic- a tasty detox! lol), and doing my favorite yoga workout on January 2! :)

  291. Kim Campbell says

    To take better care of myself and get AND utilize the tools to do so. I have been taking yoga since September and I feel my body wanting better foods.

  292. Kimberly M says

    I dont make resolutions. I prefer to just view it as a clean slate for many things! However, healthier living is definitely at the top of the list.

  293. Patricia Thornton says

    My goal this year is to get HEALTHY! I am going to give up Gluten and eat only organic. So that I can feel better and spend more time with my little 3 year daughter…..

  294. Gihad says

    My goal for the new year is to start taking care of myself, health wise, and spiritually. I want to educate myself on things that can benefit me and others. I want to give more of myself to others, for a cause. I want to give back to my community.

  295. Samantha Geiger says

    I have several New Years Resolutions but one of them is to get back on a healthier diet and hopefully have my husband join me. The first step I will take is researching and selecting the way of eating that I am going to practice. I am strongly leaning towards Paleo.

  296. bren Iverson says

    My new years resolution is to eat more vegetables. I plan to do this by making home made juices and smoothies as well as in meals

  297. Marilyn B. says

    I forgot to include the first steps I will take to implement my goal – not to skip medication doses and ti get some exercise daily!

  298. nathalie says

    My new year’s resolution is for myself and my family to be healthier. Thank means eating better and living more simply!

  299. kelly says

    To spend more time playing with my kids! Guess I just need to forget about the laundry and get down on the floor with them :)

  300. Shellie says

    PERSEVER. I want to finish things this year, no matter how difficult. How am I starting? First step, Jan 1 is my first day of eating nothing but WHOLE foods!

  301. Lori U says

    Continue working toward being more self sufficient for the family and finally start exercising.
    look for opportunities to offer random act of kindness.

  302. Barb Solano says

    I started a healthier lifestyle in 2013 but 2014 is the year I am really getting on board and include my family and grandchildren….!!!

  303. Diana M says

    My new year resolution is to find a Job, I’m printing some curriculum and delivering them to some enterprises.

  304. Pat Bourret says

    My resolution is to exercise on a regular basis and to plan my meals on paper so I can have a better variety of what I am eating and to make sure I am eating everything necessary. To meet these goals, I am setting up a planner to schedule everything.

  305. Lynne Ninas says

    I resolve to get off sugar. I have indulged a lot during the Christmas season and I know sugar is sooo bad for me so for the new year I’m getting off of it.

  306. Jacky Wilson says

    To continue to be more health conscious! We are what we eat, so I will continue to stay low carb, it has made a HUGE difference in my life. Happy New Year!

  307. Courtney says

    My goal is putting my family (my husband and munchkin), and their well being and happiness, first. Sometimes it is hard to say no to friends, work and other family members, but my job is to put our family happiness first. Already started, and while it’s not always easy, I’m so happy and content when I do.

  308. Haley says

    Work on switching cleaning and hygiene products to those without harmful ingredients. Took this pAst year to switch our diets over. Not as overwhelming to do it one step at a time :)

  309. Jo Ocobock says

    I have been learning about paleo diet and experimenting with it. Now it’s time to get serious about it and make a plan. Dear husband has agreed to do this with me. I am excited because he is diabetic and I can’t wait to see his “little” belly that he’s had for many years disappear! Don’t tell him I said that!

  310. says

    My resolution is to not miss a single day of Qigong practice in 2014. I am aiming for a full 15 minute routine, but know that some days a 2 minute drill will be all I can do.

  311. Diana Cote says

    My New years resolution is to be more active outside (i do stuff indoors and play with my daughter and stuff but we just don’t get out much), take control of my sugar and work to control my emotions a little more, I am also going to be making a bigger effort to socialize with friends more. The first step I am taking to make these things happen is starting a 21 Day Sugar Detox, I am also going for a walk outside with my daughter everyday and hot the playground. I believe the sugar will help me with controlling emotions and helping me feel better as for socializing, I have a play-date with my best friend today and her daughter, our girls where born 2 weeks apart :)

  312. Amanda says

    My resolution is to cook more nutritious meals and get plenty of rest so I can improve my health. I also started a blog for the first time!

  313. Heather Holtz says

    My goal this year is to not just lose weight but get healthy! My husband and I have devised a workout and diet plan that will keep us both accountable.

  314. Karissa says

    This year I am making a goal to be better about planning our meals so we eat out less and eat much more healthfully. The first step I am doing is downloading the free meal plans from 100 Days of Real Food.

  315. Janet Baugher says

    In 1975 I resolved to never make a N Y resolution, but my GOAL for 2014 is to have a rainwater collection and filtering system up and running.

  316. Jessica Barg says

    I don’t like to have the pressure associated with NY resolutions, so I’ve just decided that this year, I will work more towards becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve decided that this includes being someone who does something and doesn’t look the other way, someone who is as self sustained as she can be, someone who eats in a healthy, but not militant, way and finds ways to enjoy getting my body moving more, and someone who realizes what matters and concentrates on those things, not the rest of the garbage our brains are assaulted with on a daily basis. And I refuse to punish myself for any slipups or failures- we just gotta keep on trying!

  317. Melinda H says

    My goal for the new year is to stop eating so much sugar. The first step in achieving that is doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

  318. Elizabeth M. says

    My new year resolution is live everyday with authenticity, to be who I truly am, without trying to please others. The first step was wearing what I felt like wearing without giving any thought to what anyone else would think about it.

  319. Tara Reimer says

    I want to become more fit after our third child, now two months old. My main goal for this is to exercise 3 times a week.

  320. Lynn says

    My New Year’s goal for this year is to start off the year with a 30-day Paleo month. It will the first one with no cheats, I’m hoping! Want to feel better this year. Was diagnosed with celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and vestibular migraines last year. Spent the year revamping my diet by first going GF. Then I found Paleo and I’ve been working into it since. I’m starting to feel much better, but really have high hopes for more! Would love to win anything to help on this journey. Happy New Year to all!!

  321. Sue Weems says

    Two goals:
    1. Eat more veggies (First step: I visited the farmer’s market and already prepped snacks/ sides for the week)
    2. Finish things (First step: committing the FIRST 15 minutes after breakfast to the most important task each day. I’ve found if I tell myself to just spend 15 minutes, it helps me get started. Once I’ve started, I usually go longer than 15 minutes.)

  322. Kimberly says

    My goal is to make progress toward health – just found out I’m in remission from lymphoma in November, and now I want to progress toward radiant health; healthy body, healthy home, healthy relationships, healthy finances. Dh and I sat down last night and worked on a sober budget, daughter and I had a great conversation toward making our menu-planning body and budget friendly, and we all chipped away at one area of our home that’s gotten out of control junky/non-functional. It’s all daunting, but baby steps :-). I can’t wait until next New Year’s Eve to sit down and evaluate what’s gone on!

  323. Tiffany says

    I resolve to stay positive, active and present during the rest of my life. First step, smile on my way to training tomorrow (active and positive in one fell swoop)!

  324. Molly says

    My new years resolution is to lose weight and get back into shape (hopefully before bikini season!) My fiancée has the same resolution so together we are going on the ‘Atkins’ diet and starting to work out more than once a week. The goal is 4 days a week but with work and our families that will definitely be a struggle. We are dedicated though so I know that we can do this!!! Wish us luck!

  325. Molly says

    My resolution is to make myself and my fiancée happier! We have had a rough past year with job loss and job change, family issues and many medical problems but we have done it with a smile on both our faces! In 2014, my goal is to make some of this stress disappear and keep us on the right track! My first step in doing this (which I have already started! Woo Hoo!) is to organize our house and spend our New Years Eve and New Years Day with our family! That definitely kept a smile on us!

  326. Ann says

    My resolution is to practice my yoga and the 1st step I have taken today is to pay a lovely, soft long sleeved top to motivate me to do more classes

  327. Brooke Sopher says

    My New Years Resolution is to find more beauty in everyday life. My first step was making some decorative signs with inspirational quotes for my home.

  328. Judy M. says

    My goal is to heal my gut this year, or at least start the process. I have gotten rid of all of the junk food in my house and purchased some good books to help and gathered lots of recipes from bloggers, pinterest, and cookbooks.

  329. Lisa Gauthier says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to focus on my health. I’m started out by concentrating on good food choices and I’m getting my planned training runs in.

  330. says

    This year I will be be sticking to a budget, which includes doing more cooking at home and planning for all sorts of things. So excited to get started!

  331. Nina Hasson says

    My NY Resolution is to eat less junk food. I am trying to do this by buying healthier things from the store,

  332. Melissa says

    I prefer not to make a firm “resolution” because I feel they are broken easily and then forgotten. I am making several “intentions” however; one of which, is making more meals that can be frozen and then cooked on short notice. I cook the vast majority of the time, but sometimes circumstances are such that I don’t have time to cook a full meal from scratch….so those are the times that we end up eating food that’s not the best choice. If I have something in the freezer that I can pop in the oven, then that would solve that problem.

  333. Amanda says

    I have multiple resolutions! They are are related to loving a balanced life. This year is mostly about physical health. I’m going wheat-free and starting Cross Fit! My other important resolution to is make each of my children laugh really hard at least once per day!

  334. Patricia Garza says

    My New Years resolution is to live on less. Meaning not buy anything I do not actually need. My first step in this is planning a budget and setting up a retirement plan.

  335. says

    getting back on the healthy eating band wagon and loosing the holiday weight we put on in our house – started this morning off with a green smoothie and will be ensuring that all wheat and white sugar vacates for at least 30 days

  336. Holly Medlock says

    My new year’s resolution is to run a half marathon. I have registered for the Rock and Roll half marathon in Liverpool,UK!!!

  337. Jeannine says

    My resolution is to quit smoking, quit drinking soda and eat healthy. I joined the Florida quit now program and am awaiting nicotine patches, and bought a quit smoking book and hypnosis cd. For the soda I am drinking more green tea and ordered 6 boxes of a yogi detox tea to help rid my body of any toxins the soda and cigarettes put in. I’m also going back to eating more fish, greens, fruit and yogurt to watch my weight.

  338. Jolene G says

    Resolutions: To eat homemade real foods. Stay within budget. Less stress.

    How accomplishing: Meal planning, use of MealBoard app, created budget, update every couple of days to be mindful of spending, utilize Microsoft Money, meditate, schedule open time.

  339. Stacia Heaton says

    My resolution is to be realistic with my goals, to lead by example through nutrition and fitness so that my 2 little kiddos grow up healthy and strong….oh and to practice more yoga!

  340. Gail Frost says

    I am rededicating myself to clean eating. It was the same when I quit smoking more than 15 years ago, just keep at it til it sticks!

  341. Forrestine knowles says

    My resolution is to actually do and stick with all I have in mind. This includes eating clean. I hope to accomplish this by not accepting excuses from myself and surrounding myself with positive influences including media, friends and healthy/clean foods.

  342. Charity R. says

    My resolution is to recommit to a healthy lifestyle. I began yesterday by throwing out all the junk in my fridge and cabinets from the holidays and took a hike with my husband! (-:

  343. says

    My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my loving family. My first step was already taken yesterday when i planned a holiday dinner at my parents home. We all agreed that we will not be doing anymore of those “Meet up for the holidays once a year” bits. Instead, we will be spending more time together and being more involved with each others lives. Life is way to short to spend it lonely. (:

  344. Carolina says

    My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier. The first step that I am taking is buying organic fruits and vegetables.

  345. Paula says

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do a cleanse quarterly and minimize my sugar intake in between. My first step is going well – I am three days into the first quarter’s cleanse. :)

  346. Diane says

    My resolution is to treat myself to an earlier bedtime. I am headed to bed with a book at 9:30. If I fall asleep then, I will be getting a LOT more sleep. If I don’t fall asleep, at least I will be well read!

  347. says

    My resolution is to get into a consistent exercise routine. I have another warrior dash coming up, I can’t be sitting around too much like last year!

  348. Marilyn Jaeger says

    My New Year’s resolution involves decluttering and reorganization. My first step was to make out a goals list (done) and a plan for January to move ahead with paperwork reorganization as well as getting rid of Christmas decorations that weren’t used this year or last year. I have a new desk to set up so I will reorganize to get ready for that as well in January.

  349. Virginnia says

    2014 will be a year of increasing the nutrient density of every bite – the first step has been to clean out the pantry and discard all food deemed to be just calories with no redeeming features – next task is the fridge and freezer. Wish me luck

  350. Mellanie says

    I don’t really have a resolution, but I plan to continue working towards healthy eating (working on incorporating 7-9 cups of veggies each day right now a la Dr. Wahls protocol) and I want to start running/exercising regularly again.

    • Norma Tumberg says

      I should have added how I am going to do this. I have kvass in the fridge, sauerkraut in the crock, kombucha brewing on the counter top, pomegrante seeds fermenting, and need to make some more water kefir, soon.

  351. Shauna says

    One goal I have is to continue eliminating sugar from the diets of my family and myself & to try cooking more veggies seeing as we only eat about six different ones!!

  352. Karen says

    I resolved to make my classes (I teach water aerobics) feel their abs. LOL. A consequence of this is that I will feel mine as I’m doing it with them. I’m not so big on major resolutions as I try to incorporate health and personal growth into my life on and ongoing basis. Seems to work better for me that way. Happy 2014 everyone!

  353. Karen says

    To make the participants in my water aerobics classes feel their abs…… Which means I’ll feel mine since I teach. I don’t do big resolutions, I’m more about ongoing health and personal growth. Happy 2014 everyone!

  354. Stephanie says

    My New Year’s resolutions is to continue through the GAPS diet, figure out my sensitivities, and heal some of my digestive and hormonal issues. I’ve already started the GAPS diet and have gone through most of the stages so I’ll continue on from here and keep tracking my food while supplementing with cod liver oil, vitamin D, and several other foods each day.

  355. Laura Aiuto says

    My resolution is to learn more and use more essential oils. I’m going to do more research into DoTerra and try new oils.

  356. says

    I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions – but I choose a word to focus on. And I think my word will be “priorities”. I need to stop and think about what is a priority in my life, in the moment, in each day.

    I will start with putting that word up where I can see it each day – probably the bathroom mirror.

  357. Mandy McGraw says

    My New Year Resolution this year is to learn to be completely sustainable, making everything my self so that our family will live very healthy. My first step is to learn how to plant a garden and then can my own stuff!!

  358. Jaren says

    Not allow school or work to take precedence over my relationships with my husband and family or my health. I will achieve this by prioritizing appropriately, not keeping processed foods and sugary snacks readily available, and exercising before eating when I get stressed.

  359. Katie says

    My New Year’s Resolution is to get back to healthy living. I’ve let it slide the past 6 months. I’m gonna start with meal preparation on the weekend so I have food prepared to grab and go and by working out using bodeefit.

  360. Danielle says

    I’m making more of a new choice than a resolution…to stay on track so that next year when the holidays hit it’ll be so much more of a habit and harder to “fall off the wagon!”
    First step is meal prepping this week and making the time to go outside some!

  361. Alexis says

    My New Year’s resolution is to make my time with my children more memorable by stressing less during our schooling and being more enthusiastic during our lessons.

  362. Karen Wood says

    My new years resolution is to move to somewhere that I can have a yard where I can grow a decent garden. Unfortunately I have to come up with moving money first. I do have some promised to me by a friend but am not going to be sure about it until I get it. I have disabilities and live on a small income so have not been able to come up with it myself. I have been trying to win it through entering tons of sweepstakes and hope I will get lucky soon.

  363. Melissa Vallet says

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I just try to be the best me I can be everyday, be open to the world around me and learn from my mistakes.

  364. Cheryl says

    Happy New Year! My resolution is to juice fruits and vegetables on a daily basis along with increasing fruits and vegetables at meal times. I bought a juice extractor and I intend on using it.

  365. Samantha W says

    To return to school to continue my education in the health field, so that my children will be proud of their mom. The first step is to finding the right school for me :)

  366. says

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for the chance! I am striving to improve my life one little step at a time and the first step is cutting soda out of my everyday life! I have drunk it all day every day for a long time. Mountain Dew was my weakness and I am missing it but am determined to lose it for good! Step 1

  367. Richard says

    I have so many options to chose from for a resolution, but if I have to pick (and I do), then I’m planning to add movement to my day (not always exercise), but I need to move more-exercise, walk, take the stairs, park farther from the office, stretch, work standing up for a while or walking around the room when I’m on the phone. First step, take a walk today (event though it’s cold!).

  368. says

    My resolution is to continue healing my adrenal fatigue (which was brought on by late nights blogging!). I am on an herbal and nutritional program to achieve this goal and I plan on sticking with it.

  369. Kimberly Dassel says

    My new year’s resolution is to spend some time each day with my horses. They are my equine therapy. My first step is to make an actual appointment on my calendar for this.

  370. Chawn DuBack says

    My new years resolution is to get more healthy. I have signed up for a 21 day yoga program, and a 30 day green smoothie program.

  371. Ashlie says

    I actually decided not to make a New Years Resolution this year. I didn’t want some big objective hanging over my head. So instead I am focusing on several smaller goals. One of them is to go paleo for a month (maybe more), another is to spend more time giving this year. And so and and so forth.

  372. Janelle says

    My New Year’s resolution is to finally lose the last pesky 10 lbs in the healthiest way possible. Slow and steady. And to continue to do my best in my studies. I’m going to stick to my whole/real foods lifestyle and continuously remind myself that I’m in it for the long haul, even if losing 10 pounds takes me 6 months. Don’t want to ruin my health and sanity along the way.

  373. Krista says

    My New Years resolution or goal is to run a full marathon. Steps…started training and signed up for the race!

  374. Nicole Wiersma says

    I made the commitment be become Paleo this year and to eat completely clean in the month of January. 2 days done and going strong!

  375. Jennifer says

    I have a few New Year’s goals, with the most important(to me) one being to really dial in the nutrition of my family(4 kids!). It’s all too easy for me to go for convenience, especially when packing lunches for school. We all feel better when staying paleo, and this is the year to really get it figured out!

  376. EV says

    My resolution is to start a yoga practice at home instead of relying so much on the studio. I have set up a space just need to designate a specific time.

  377. Andrea says

    I resolve this New Year to use my time more wisely. First step: stay off of facebook and instagram for a month.

  378. Hannah says

    My New Years resolution is to eat a healthier anti-inflammatory diet and get to the peaks of 5 mountains here in Vermont!

    • Hannah says

      My first step is to clean find new meal plans and recipes and do more research into what I should be eating.

  379. JR says

    No resolutions, just one day at a time focusing on what creates health in body, mind, & spirit. If it works, do it more.

  380. BrittD says

    Resolution: eat healthier. Initial stepa taken to reach that goal include cutting out processed sugars and carbs.

  381. Virginia says

    My goal for this year is to continue learning and find fulfillment in a a new career. I have found a new passion this past year with paleo and would like to expand upon it with starting a blog and becoming a health coach to use along with my nursing degree to help others in a different rewarding capacity. I’m so excited to begin my new goals but need to resolve to research how to fulfill this plan.

  382. Fernanda says

    1)I will be healthier, 100% Paleo, 2)I will introduce my girl to Paleo, she had a heart condition and surgery when born and @ 4 years old she just moved from baby food to kids food. She was Paleo (only organic baby food), BUT, still processed food, so I see she loves healthy food, transition will be great! – there is nothing most important than teaching healthy food habits since the beginning-….

  383. Montez O says

    I have pledged to have ME time. I will read one book I have never read and watch one movie I have never seen each week in 2014. I have purchased a journal to keep track of what I read/watch and am reading a great book right now!

  384. Karla says

    To cure my candida overgrowth. I researched and put together a plan to use oils and fermented foods to naturally combat the overgrowth

  385. Steph says

    Our New Years resolution is to simplify. We are simlpifying what we are eating by switching to a whole foods mostly paleo diet. We are tradning in our two vehicles for one so we can get out of dept quicker and we are continuing to purge things in our house.

  386. Brooke says

    My new years resolution is to continue my journey to a healthy family. My first step is learning some recipes for my new blender!

  387. shyla says

    My resolution is to change 10-20 lbs of fat to muscle on my body and I will do this by eating cleaner and working out better and smarter!

  388. Rachel says

    To ditch all the prepackaged potato/noodles/rice mixes that I was too dependent on as a working mom and vow to MAKE the foods that I am preparing for my family. It was just too easy to fall back on quick

  389. Jan says

    I started my New Year’s resolution to stick to my Paleo, gluten-free, no allergens diet right after Thanksgiving. I lost five pounds by Christmas, but gained two of them back before the end of December. So I’m still ahead three pounds! I’m happy. :)

  390. Trish Nelson says

    My intention is to live lightly by living in the present, eating nutrient-dense food the majority of the time and make many opportuities for play!

  391. Kim says

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to complete a 5 day smoothie cleanse. I start on Monday! Gathering recipes now.

  392. Kristin says

    I’ve committed to running a half marathon each month for the full year. I kick off on January 19th in Louisville, CO

  393. Brooke S says

    I resolve to continue exercising at least 5 times per week. I resolve to continue to eat healthier…I will complete a 21DSD starting January 6. I resolve to Be the me I want to Be!

  394. says

    My new year goal is multi-faceted. I want to grow in my faith in Christ more. I want to develop an even closer bond with my family (husband and sons). I want to become a healthier family overall.

    How we will accomplish this is by praying together, worshipping together, playing together, and working together. I am going to make my time with God my priority now so that I am not putting that on the back burner. We will work towards health with the changes we made last year and adding to them. We will strive for organic, grow our own garden this year (we live on a huge parcel of land, we should be living off of it), making foods from home instead of eating out, and making real foods instead of using things that are processed.

  395. Monica G says

    My resolution is taper my alcohol consumption. I’ve started by doing a Whole30 this month as well as learning meditation in order to alleviate the stress that drives me to pour a glass of wine at night. :)

  396. Lois H says

    I am always looking for more information to help keep my family healthy, especially since we can’t afford health insurance.

  397. Lisa says

    NY Resolution -Embrace a healthier self – this means a personal challenge to eat at least 2 greens servings a day – as well as stick to a paleo lifestyle. Also picking back up my classes at the gym!

  398. Martha Wheeler says

    I am not interested in making any New Years resolutions. I lost the weight I needed to by changing my diet to a much healthier way of eating and continuing to go for walks every day. I will continue to be conscious of what I eat and of moving every day, not because of resolutions that are so easily broken, but because I want to be as healthy as I can. Of course people use New Years resolutions for other issues and goals but that does not interest me.

  399. danna d says

    What is your New Year’s Resolution and what is the first step that you will take to reach it?

    I resolve to be in good enough shape to do the Titan Challenge in June. I started a 30 plank challenge to work on my core and a 30 day squat/pushup challenge to strengthen my arms and legs and I will start by jogging 15 min a day.

  400. Laura says

    I want to get on a sleep schedule. I’m going to try and make a sleep plan so I’m going to bed and waking up roughly the same times every day.

  401. Stephanie T says

    My New Years resolution is to make healthier choices for food, especially when eating out. I intend to start doing this by researching the restaurant menu before going so that I can make informed decisions as to what might be the healthiest choice there.

  402. Beverly says

    My goal for to 2014 is to get my autoimmune disorder under control and also my son’s allergies by going totally paleo. We will be starting paleo cleanse the middle of January.

  403. Kim Kihega says

    My resolution is to organize my house! It has become out of control! My first step in accomplishing my goal was to make a plan and buy storage containers.

  404. Diane Wolf says

    I will be losing 50 lbs….i know, everyone says it, but I’m going to St Maarten at the end of September for my 25th anniversary and i’m gonna look good! I’ve already started working out (twice already in 3 days) I’ve got a new menu set and going and I bought the bathing suit I plan on wearing to hang for extra incentive!!!

  405. Colleen G says

    My new year’s resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle so I can reduce a newly diagnosis of high Blood Pressure. My first step is I started walking today….I ate healthy and I prayed.

  406. Taryn T. says

    My goal is to begin to repair my heart, and to eat a heart healthy diet at all times. My first step would be to limit my sodium! Thanks for the chance to win.

  407. Robyn says

    I’ve made two resolutions for 2014. My first resolution is to train for and run a marathon in August. My second resolution is to not weigh myself until December 31 2014, and to rely on whole foods and from-scratch cooking for optimal nutrition and health.

  408. says

    My New Year’s resolution is do 4 squeaky clean food months this year (January, April, July, and September). The first step is that I recruited a buddy to do this together so we can support each other, and I started my first strict month.

  409. Rebecca says

    I plan to begin offering free wellness consultations one or two days a month as a medical intuitive. My first step is to put up a flyer at a local business and mark my calendar!

  410. Tyneisha Fondren says

    My resolution is so drink more water, and the first step is to default to that when I’m craving a soda

  411. says

    One of my goals for the new year is to start exercising on a regular basis. I plan on waking up just a little earlier so I can fit it in before my boys get up.

  412. says

    My new year resolution is learning to put myself first and say no. Also, not being too hard on myself and not taking life too seriously. I believe just being jovial and happy can attract good things into your life.

  413. Selene M. says

    I don’t make resolutions. No need to get more stress in my life worrying about what may happen. Just enjoy life and live by the golden rule.

    • Diana says

      To eat healthier, already started making my own lunches for work, plan on doing more cooking, less eating out and eating junk foods

  414. Kim Maciekowicz says

    I have resolved to focus more on strength then pure cardio this year. My 1st step was to start attending the BodyPump class at the gym 3 times a week.

  415. says

    My only New Years Resolution is to be a better mother and a better wife. The past2 years have been very difficult to my family, my 3 girls have had it the hardest. In the last 24 months my husband came home from an 18 month tour in Iraq (with National Guard), and he had a hard time finding a job and I was very sick for about 10 or so of those months. In the last 7 months we lost our home and couldn’t find anything big enough that we could afford so we are in 2 seperate apts on opposite sides of complex and unfortunately my 16 year old I think has had it the hardest. My health is a little better everything else is crappy but I just want to make their lives better in 2014 and I want to give them everything they have missed out on. Thank You

  416. Sylvia England says

    I am totally excited to join the paleo lifestyle. Buying your harvest your health bundle will be a great help!

  417. Sylvia England says

    I resolve to learn to live a healthier Paleo lifestyle!!! Excited to get the Harvest your health bundle!!

  418. Charly says

    I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I am planning on learning how to use my new sewing machine soon! I just have to find a place to put it!

  419. Colleen says

    My goal is to be more grateful/positive. I am starting by writing down at least four things every day for which I am grateful. I have a special book to do this in.

  420. LeAnn says

    My New Years Resolution is to love myself more and to treat my body as a temple. I will do this by consuming less both physically and monetarily. I will put good things in in order to get good things out.

  421. Christine says

    First resolution is to take better care of myself as I always put my children first, letting my health and nutrition fall aside too often!

  422. Laura says

    My resolution is to step up my commitment to healthy eating and living. To do this I am investing in more resources on paleo and grain-free eating, as well as making the switch to grass-fed beef.

  423. Rochelle Ford says

    Get out and Move! Enjoy life by getting out everyday and doing my interval training and/or weight training via using my natural surroundings. No matter the weather! My slimming body IS my motivation. Also I’m turning 54 this year and what better time in life than to get fit?

  424. Deb D in CT says

    My New Year’s resolution is to get my 10 year old twins switched to a paleo diet. My first step is to first get myself completely to a paleo diet so I can have an ample supply of recipes and foods in the house to make the transition easier. I will encourage them to “try” my paleo foods, and then slowly incorporate more and more paleo foods into their diets. I hope by the summer, they will be more than 50% paleo, and we will have the summer to work on creating more and more paleo options together (I’m a teacher, so I have more time in the summer with them.)