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Powerful Health Benefits of Lime You May Not Know About

Limes come in a variety of species such as the Key, Persian, desert, and kaffir lime. Each of these species poses unique and special characteristics that make them stand out from the other species. But regardless of the particular species of this wonder fruit, it still holds true that limes...

How Long Does THC (Marijuana) Last In Your Body?

When it comes to detecting marijuana use, urinalysis is the most common and most accurate way. For this reason, many athletes are subjected to this type of test to analyze their use of certain drugs. In some countries, companies even submit their workers to this type of test. However, do...
pregnant after taking postinor

Can I get pregnant after taking postinor 2?

Postinor 2 is oral hormonal contraception which is cost-effective, easily available over the counter, and high success rate in preventing pregnancy. However, postinor 2 is not your regular contraception. It is emergency contraception. It is taken only following unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of other contraception. The success rate if...