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Pyrophobia: Do You Have It & How To Manage It?

Pyrophobia is one of the most frequent phobias that involve fear of fire. This phobia can become so intense that it may affect a person’s cognitive function and daily life. It is also a type of anxiety disorder. Although it may pose no danger to someone in the present situation...

What causes a pneumomediastinum_

Introduction Pneumo is a Greek word which means air while mediastinum is the area between our lungs, with chest wall at the front and spine at the back. This area consists of the windpipe, food pipe, blood vessel, heart and thymus gland. In short, pneumomediastinum refers to the abnormal presence...

Side-Impact Car Accidents: How Serious are They?

Side-impact car accidents happen when the front of a car collides into the side of another car. This type of accident is also called T-bone or lateral impact which usually leads to catastrophic injuries or death. These accidents usually happen at intersections when drivers encounter traffic signals and stop or...

Health supplements that boost the immune system

Everyone desires a healthy immune system. While most of these come from fruits and vegetables, there are many health supplements that you can take to provide a boost to your immune system. Here are some immune system supplements that will benefit you. Vitamin C: Vitamin C will prevent many infections...