5 Most Alkaline Foods to Eat Every Day

In today’s unstable lifestyle one of the most vital problems that we face is the diet that we have every day. In most countries around the world, today’s menu includes food that is highly acidic and also processed. Apart from the diet, there are other factors such as the psychological stress we go through daily to maintain a work-life balance and pharmaceutical drugs that we consume during illnesses mean that our bodies are gradually moving towards degradation and illnesses that modern medicine is unable to cure. The alkaline level of the body must be around 7.365 which is unbalanced due to our diet. If the body can not balance its alkalinity level, then it draws from its natural reserves such as bones thus making them brittle and prone to fatigue earlier than usual. 

List of most alkaline food

Here we will go through some of the foods that you can have from the local marketplace that you can have on a daily basis to make your body much rejuvenating.

  1. The healing natures of the food the root vegetables and also because they are richer in minerals, they are said to be highly alkaline and are always high in demands at local markets or stores. These include radishes (black and white) beetroots, carrots, etc. You can have them easily by steaming them for approximately fifteen minutes or you can cook them with other vegetables for your lunch or dinner.
  2. Seafood like seaweed, sea salt, Irish sea moss does contain more mineral content than the food grown on land. Due to the high material content, they are very useful for our body-for instance they help keep our bowels clean, improves metabolism, improve blood circulation. You can add the salt while preparing your food and cook the sea moss with other vegetables.
  3. Seasonal fruits are recommended by every nutritionist or health professionals as they have been proven to have a positive impact on your health. They do contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants thus acting as the biggest alkaline food source. These include kiwi, pineapple, apricots, and apples. They help you to maintain a healthy body by improving your metabolism, filtering off any bacteria or virus from your body thus keeping it clean and several other ways.
  4. Leafy vegetables including kale, swiss chard, green turnips.thy are all rich in vitamin K. They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that help improve your digestive system and also your vision.
  5. Cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts not only taste delicious but also are very helpful for the body due to its high alkaline content. They foster the immune function, improves digestion, etc. 


Think twice before you finish the meals of the day. It is necessary to have an equal share of alkaline rice food apart from the highly acidic ones to have a healthy and happy life ahead. Try to have the food provided in the list at least once every day or two to unlock their full potential and enjoy its benefits.