How Long Does THC (Marijuana) Last In Your Body?

When it comes to detecting marijuana use, urinalysis is the most common and most accurate way. For this reason, many athletes are subjected to this type of test to analyze their use of certain drugs. In some countries, companies even submit their workers to this type of test. However, do we know how long the THC in marijuana lasts in our body?

The truth is that there is no exact answer to this question. It depends on different factors. However, we are going to try to solve this equation in the simplest way possible.

Difference Between THC And THC-COOH

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in marijuana. Also, it is the chemical component responsible for the high. However, in urine tests, what is detected is not THC but THC-COOH, a THC metabolite. This occurs when the liver breaks down THC. The downside is that this substance stays in the body for much longer than THC. However, no one can be sure exactly how long you can test positive. 

This is because the rate of THC depends and varies according to the metabolism of each person. Also, the variety of marijuana that we are also consuming influences since not all of them alters the body in the same way.

However, and taking into account that it could vary due to the factors mentioned above, some studies can give us a certain  ​​average idea.

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Duration In Occasional Users

The truth is that studies make a difference between people who smoke regularly and those who do it from time to time. If it is the first time you use marijuana or do it very occasionally, the normal thing is that the result is positive within the first three days after consumption. 

On the fourth day, THC levels are most likely below the 50 ng/ml threshold, which is the point at which we test positive. “For occasional marijuana or reap the benefits of hemp flower use (or individual case use), at the cut-off level of 50 ng/mL, it would be unusual for the detection of cannabinoids in urine to extend beyond 3-4 days after the episode of smoking.”

Duration In Frequent Users

According to these same studies, a person who smokes regularly can continue to test positive for up to a week after stopping consumption. However, the truth is that it could test positive up to 10 days after consumption. It would be quite unusual for the consumer to exceed the 50ng / ml threshold at the tenth. “Based on the most recent scientific evidence, the 50 ng / ml concentration for the detection of cannabinoids in urine, it would be unlikely that a chronic user would produce a positive urine drug test result for more than 10 days after the last episode of smoking.”

However, a regular smoker cannot be guaranteed to be free of THC metabolites ten days after consumption. What’s more, some studies assure that users continue to test positive after a month after the last consumption. “In an extreme case, a person who used cannabis heavily for more than 10 years achieved a positive result (above the limit 20 ng / mL) for up to 67 days after his last use.”

Among the most commonly used tricks to pass a urine test is drinking excessive amounts of fluid. In this way, it dilutes any substance that may be found in the urine. However, this would also be a reason for the laboratory to consider that the test has been tampered with. For this reason, certain toxin cleaners help clean the THC in the urine, avoiding a positive test. There are also mouth cleaners, in case the test was oral.