Things to Look for in a Med Spa and Cosmetic Therapy

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If you are looking for non-invasive treatments to help rejuvenate the body and skin, you are not the only one. Countless people are also looking for these treatments, and with the demand for less invasive cosmetic alternatives starting to rise in the past years, we have seen an increase in the number of medical spas. 

These facilities are a combination of aesthetic med centers and day spas that provide non-surgical medical services under the supervision of a reputable and licensed physician. Although licensed physicians from various backgrounds may oversee these facilities, it is to people’s advantage to look for a medical spa under the supervision of board-certified and reputable plastic surgeons. 

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These professionals are adequately trained to perform not only surgical procedures but also non-surgical med treatments as well. People will be pointed in the right direction to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes, the goal can only be achieved through surgeries. 

While these professionals may be on hand when it comes to a supervisory role, a lot of these treatments are administered by aesthetic nurse practitioners at these places. Plastic surgeons and nurse practitioners work as a team to help maintain the practice standard and training, as well as to check the result. 

With more of these places opening as non-invasive procedures are starting to gain traction, how do people know which facilities are best for their beauty and skin needs? Looking for a reputable and quality medical spa does not have to depend on the person’s luck. 

Taking a lot of time to do some research will save people a lot of time, money, and energy, avoid unnecessary hassle, and help individuals find the right medical spa they are looking for. Here are some things people need to consider when evaluating these places.

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Available treatments

These places focus on providing non-invasive aesthetic therapies. Some of the common therapies offered by these places are injectable dermal fillers, botulinum toxin injections, laser hair removal, non-invasive fat reduction, Microdermabrasion, tattoo removal, and laser skin resurfacing. These places are different from each other, and the procedures they offered may differ depending on where you go. Before visiting these facilities, individuals need to call ahead or visit their website to see what types of services they are offering.

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Quality over quantity

What remedies or care are on the menu depends on the facility. While some reputable spots have a long list of care options and can perform every one of them with expert skill, people usually can be better served by these places that carefully tailored their services. 

It could be a good sign that they are carefully reviewing the options available and choosing the most effective ones. Not only that, even though these procedures are non-surgical, they still need practice and training to use the necessary equipment. People should always ask questions like:

How many times have they performed the procedure?

What kind of training is needed to use the equipment?

Do they have before and after images of patients who have had this type of procedure?

How long have the physician and the nurse practitioner has been working at the spa?

What kind of certification and training do they have?

How involved are the nurse practitioners and physicians?

A lot of places like Purefico MedSpa & Therapy work under medical professionals without being supervised carefully and closely. It is imperative to ask these spas how involved their physicians are in their place. Top facilities have experienced professionals who work diligently and closely with supervising physicians to help develop treatment menus, look after the daily operations and consult directly on particular cases. 

There are reasons why cities or states require the involvement of a reputable and licensed doctor in these types of operations. These services can complement less invasive surgical cosmetic procedures, and with the help of plastic surgeons, they can review all their alternatives to help achieve their aesthetic goals.

Is it right for you?

These places can be the best solution for people looking for minimally invasive or non-surgical cosmetic treatments. When picking the right spa for your procedure, always remember to check if the physician is a certified plastic surgeon. These professionals are adequately trained to perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures, and their expertise is very important in the medical spa setting.