When to use benzoin tincture on your body?

The compound benzoin from Styrax benzoin is a gum resin that is popular for its health benefits. Ethanol mixed with that resin gives Benzoin tincture which is a cherished drug throughout history for its advantages.

Generally, this is present as a liquid. But when it gets combined with herbs, then it is termed as “compound benzoin tincture”. This component is not new to the world. It has been in use for ages by medical practitioners.

While you know that this belongs in the medicine cabinet of homes, you also need to know when to use this. Keep reading to find more about it.

Reasons for application of Benzoin tincture

  • During bandaging

This compound can be directly applied to the skin for minor cuts before you cover it with an adhesive bandage. This way the tincture helps to heal faster and stops possible infections by the bandage’s adhesive itself. Best of all, this can make the bandage to stay longer.

  • Relieving skin sores

Skin sores are highly painful. They can cause itching, infections, and irritation to the individual. But with the help of benzoin tincture, you can reduce these effects. Also, it can reduce swelling and stop bleeding.

  • Acts as an antiseptic ointment

For skin-related issues like canker sores and fissures, this is a great antiseptic ointment. Another advantage of benzoin tincture is that you can apply it in places where you cannot put medical tape, like around mouth and eyes.

  • Helps the throat and breathing passage

Because this has natural expectorant property, you can use it to maintain respiratory health. With this, you can clear the breathing passage and reduce throat swelling. You can also put this in hot water and inhale its steam. This can clear blocked airways and irritations in the nose.

Benzoin tincture is effective for common cold and coughs as well.

  • Helps the digestive system

With essential oils, you can use benzoin to ensure a good digestive system. Just put some on your abdomen and give a gentle massage. It can treat constipation as well by making the necessary gastric juices for normal working. If you have irritated digestive tract, this can calm it down.

  • Aromatherapy

For a long time, the traditional aromatherapy has benzoin as its primary components. To soothe your tired muscles, just massage benzoin on the affected area. Also, this is a great additive to your bathwater.

  • Treats dental disorders

If you notice closely, many mouthwash products have this component in it. This is because they can treat many dental problems.

  • Additional uses

This is great for patients who experience chest pain. It relieves the pain by regulating the blood flow. In such cases, the administration of this compound is either in powder or pill form.

A word of caution

If you are thinking of using an over-the-counter product without any prescription from the doctor, make sure to read all the instructions. Make sure to inform your health advisor or doctor if you use this. Based on your current health status, they may advise on the product’s use.

This compound is highly inflammable. So, store it with caution. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding-mother, do not take this unless and otherwise stated by your physician.

The bottom line

As you can see, benzoin tincture has a load of health benefits. Like any other drug, this too has side effects. So, make sure to consult a doctor before you use this.